How to make your child's screen time quality time?

Pile of clothes to wash, lunch to prepare, or that day of home office when there are countless urgent demands at work. You have tried distracting your child with colored pencils and pens, but he has started to scratch the wall. You tried to entertain him with toys like strollers and dolls, but it didn't last long. In desperation to be able to fulfill their domestic and professional tasks, you give the tablet to the little one and magically manage to complete what they need without being interrupted. Does it look like your daily struggle? If so, don't feel guilty, most parents today are in the same situation. A survey carried out in the United States by the magazine “Lancet Child & Adolescent Health” points out that 37% of American children spend at least 2 hours a day on the screens of computers, tablets or cell phones!

The biggest question that lays flat on this subject is “If we cannot stop the advancement of technology and our children are increasingly inclined to it, knowing that the excessive use of screens can be harmful, how to make this screen time quality ? ”. First, we must accept that our children are native to the digital age, but we are not. Depriving them of their use is not the solution, and may even be harmful to development. The word is to manage: use common sense, balance with other tasks and take advantage of the good side of access to information.

Okay, but how to measure this time on a daily basis and know when you are not being healthy? Some signs that our children are making toxic or addictive use of technologies are: unregulated routine, feeling sleepy at lunch or homework and irritation.

Knowing all the benefits and harms of the internet and technology, it is easy to manage children's screen time without exaggeration and without depriving them of fun and learning. With the Sloth World app, your child learns by playing with challenges made by experts.

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