Screen time can be quality time!

About us

We are a team of engineers, designers, journalists, entrepreneurs and parents who believe that Education is the key to a better world. Our work is based on studies that show that children who are literate in reading and writing, and who develop logical reasoning through the basic principles of mathematics, are much more likely to develop academically than other children. That is why we seek to bring together academic methodologies proven by specialists and gamified dynamics that stimulate children's engagement and development in a fun and healthy way.

Our Mission

Knowledge Mobile was born with the mission of transforming and democratizing access to quality education, through mobile platforms and also learning dynamics geared towards gamification. We understand that there are opportunities for transformation in the education industry, mainly in the sense of developing academic methodologies, evaluation models and mainly the use of technological resources in favor of the development of new experiences.

Child development

Our goal is to develop a more personalized learning plan, geared to each student and their needs, that can accompany them on their development journey and carry their characteristics and information throughout the process, obviously taking into account the standards necessary for them to he is able to meet the demands of the market and institutions, in order to obtain the recognition and opportunities that quality education can bring. Analyzing the technological transformations that have been happening in the world, we realize that there are spaces to use tools that can expand the students' experience and engagement and we believe that gamification and mobile platforms can be powerful catalysts for these changes, as well as other technologies that are part of of this ecosystem and which are in full development such as: big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and etc.